Our Mission

"How we help our neighbours"

HeliMedic is here for you when you need it. In a life-and-death scenario, when every second is critical,  HeliMedic  sends a rescue helicopter carrying advanced medical and medical professionals directly to the company’s   site. With  three helicopter bases located throughout  the state,  HeliMedic  can now reach the most remote areas within minutes of being dispatched. Our rescue helicopters are most often dispatched to deal with medical emergencies resulting from  road accidents  and oil rigs.   Transfer flights from  one hospital to another are also an integral part of our services. HeliMedic’s pilots are highly skilled and are not afraid of the dark, while others balk at the idea, we are up to the opportunity, in fact, almost a quarter of all our missions take place at night – while others are deeply asleep, we take certain risks to help our  contributors. Sleep  well knowing that in case of need, we will be there.

Critical Missions

HeliMedic is called upon to provide emergency medical transport services in critical life-or-death rescue missions, where the victim’s situation is often inaccessible or the injuries sustained  are  life-threatening. These critical missions are usually the result of tragic and  near-fatal accidents  and typically occur on major roads, oil rigs and rigs, as well as on industrial facilities and large-scale manufacturing facilities. When time is running out and a life is at stake,  HeliMedic  is fast on the stage.

Search and rescue of mountaineers and climbers, hikers, campers, etc.
Search and rescue of victims of accidents from oil platforms and oil platforms
Search and rescue of diving accidents or submerged vehicles
Search and rescue of missing persons, aircraft or boats
Search and rescue of cave explorers and miners

Special Missions

HeliMedic is also called on special missions. These missions range from search and rescue of missing aircraft or boats to firefighting operations and related evacuations.In these cases, HeliMedic works closely with partners specialized in  locallaw enforcement, paramedics and emergency medical services (EMS)  professionals,  firefighters.

Hunters and firefighters, and emergency medical transportation services, among others, including support search and rescueservices for the U.S. Coast Guard. In summary, if necessary,we lend a hand.

The following lists several special case scenarios on which HeliMedic can be called for help

• Rescue and evacuation of forests and forest fires
• Assist in the search and rescue of refugees or compromised boats