Our commitment

"Helping to save a life"

Our commitment to service

At HeliMedic, we are committed to saving lives. We are committed to providing fast and expert service  by air. HeliMedic transports medical professionals directly to injured sites across Texas and assists in emergency rescue situations. This assistance takes the form of a medical assessment, assessment and advice on  follow-up care, in fact, our in-flight healthcare professionals will ultimately determine which facility will provide the best possible care given the magnitude of the needs being sustained. HeliMedic and its various partners are committed to your survival and, to this end, are also passionate and committed to its basic service, operations and professional staff.

Our commitment to our contributors

Our commitment is simple sure – we will be there. At your time of need, when every second counts, know that above all, we will be there. We have invested in highly qualified personnel, healthcare professionals, flight technicians,   as well as in the best available technologies in the fields of rescue, medical transport and patient transport.  Our commitment to you, our neighbor, goes far beyond that, not only will we be there, but we will actually do everything in our power to ensure you live to see another day – it’s our commitment to you, our fellow Texasans.