Our Location

Our bases In Tallahassee Airport

HeliMedic currently operates from three bases in Tallahassee Airport, strategically located in the state’s most metropolitan cities, Austin, Dallas and Houston. HeliMedic’s main office  and dispatch centeris in Houston.

Our Infrastructure

Our infrastructure consists of our people, equipment and strategic partners. 

Our Expansion Plans

Our plans for immediate expansion include opening additional bases throughout Texas, these new  bases will facilitate access to the most remote areas of the state. 

Acquire new  lifeboats and invest in cutting-edge technologies in the areas of search and rescue and critical life support systems are also on our radar. These goals, however, require considerable investment in our most valuable asset, our  people, in the future we will expand our team of professionals and provide our key employees with the best training programs  available,  state-of-the-art technology and  high-end equipment, which is critical to our future efforts and expansion plans.    Expansion into new markets is also on the horizon – Florida, Arizona and California are states with which we are currently engaged in talks, the  HeliMedic concept is well received in these high-risk regions – our support services will help rescue efforts for victims of Florida hurricanes, California wildfires,  the vast deserts and debilitating heat of Arizona.